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If you plan to have a home addition Tacoma, it is always more cost-effective to build up, particularly if you are adding more bedrooms. Our seasoned team of structural engineers, builders, framers, and base crew can ensure that your second-floor extension is durable and seamlessly incorporated into the architecture of your house. Although cutting the roof off and building an extension on top can seem like a drastic way to acquire land, there are some situations when it makes the most sense. For eg, you may want to remain in your community but your lot is too limited to allow you to enlarge your home.

And if you have ample room to extend your home, you may choose to continue utilizing your outside space for things such as planting, or you may enjoy getting the additional space between you and your neighbors. You might even have design elements in your yard that you may like to keep, such as an elegant pergola or a large tree. You should think of building a second floor. Home Addition Tacoma adds a playful element to design and construction. Our design-build approach provides us with a benefit in terms of better plan fulfillment, faster completion, and overall project performance. There is no need to move because you can renovate. Contact us and let's work together!


Adding additional rooms to your house will boost the size of your investment as well as the amount of usable living space. Our team will design and build new rooms that you can love for several years, whether it is a living space, master bedroom, or workshop. There are various kinds of space additions:

Room Addition

A single-space building constructed into the side of your house is referred to as a room extension. Additional space is normally intended for a single-use. A bump-out is a home extension that expands the capacity of an established space. A bump-out, for example, might add 60 square feet to your kitchen section, allowing you to fit in an island. Both space extensions and bump-outs also result in the installation of new rooflines, which are either flat or shed-style roofs.


Sunrooms are not substitutes for traditional additions. They are mostly constructed from prefabricated materials such as thermal-resistant glass and aluminum. Sunrooms are often stick-built from brick, timber, and other components, resulting in a sturdy frame that suits the rest of your house. Sunrooms are home extensions that usually act as additional living spaces. There are normal doors that can be used to separate them from the rest of the house.

Home Expansion

Home Extension Tacoma also provides home expansion options, which entails adding several rooms to your home. A family space, dining room, great room, master bedroom, guest bedroom, and bathroom can all be included. Kitchens are not often used with home additions unless the extension is intended to be an apartment. Full-size home additions usually return a very large valuation in comparison to their construction expense. You could be torn between a home expansion and a home redesign. To determine which is better for you, consider whether you need more room or hate elements of your current layout.

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You should depend on Home Addition Tacoma for all of your home improvement needs. Our design and creative approach help you to collaborate with a single point of touch for the duration of the project for your ease. We have custom craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail to render your home project a one-of-a-kind concept.

Our construction workers are ready to get their hands dirty. Call Home Addition Tacoma today to get started!

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