Whether or not you think the kitchen is the core of the house, it is undeniably a center of interaction. From preparing your favorite recipes, nurturing your bodies, and practicing to cook with your mother, to doing assignments with kids, meeting and hanging out with friends, and discussing things over a steaming glass of wine, it’s a space where we can all come together. The kitchen is unquestionably the most used space in the house and a location overflowing with memories. We at kitchen remodel Tacoma, renovate homes to meet the specific needs of each household. 

Kitchen Remodel Tacoma CO is a leading provider of kitchen and bath remodeling, home remodeling, home additions, custom-crafted aging-in-place construction, and popular design options.

 Our remodeling contractors can assess your current house, space use, and potential desires to decide the best way to incorporate or modify space in a tailored way to your preferences. As industry pioneers, we’ve been providing high-quality craftsmanship since the beginning, and we’re dedicated to creating your house for the foreseeable future. 

Our contractors and designers have extensive kitchen and bath construction and design and whole-house design and installation, and even home additions and extensions. We have a hands-on approach to everything we do, from precise measurements for cabinet assembly to planning a full-scale bathroom remodel near me. 

Kitchen Remodel Tacoma takes pleasure in developing a personal relationship with customers by listening to their desires, visions, and concerns. Rather than approaching a project with a preconceived notion about what can be accomplished, we ask questions, listen closely, and tailor each project to the client’s needs. 

Our kitchen contractors have experience working in a variety of home types, ensuring that no changes to the architecture of the existing area are made. Our clients value our expertise and knowledge, which helps them achieve their goals and makes their homes more gorgeous. 

We assume that involving our customers in all facets of the project is essential to its completion. 

We assume that each project should represent the preferences and lifestyles of our clients. 

We invest in producing designs that are both beautiful and practical in a consistent and cost-effective process. 

We believe in providing our customers with a multitude of choices to make the right decisions possible. 

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Kitchen Remodel Tacoma emphasizes designing homes for daily existence; Tacoma is an award-winning home renovation company, offering kitchen renovation, bathroom remodel, and home addition services. We concentrate on projects established through master planning that can be completed in steps over time. Our team specializes in modern, concept, and standard structure that elegantly and easily encompasses our clients’ daily needs. 

Our uncompromising devotion to elegance and efficiency in the layout, as well as a sincere commitment to delivering a high quality of service to our customers, reflects in our work at Kitchen Remodel Tacoma’s passion for remodeling, which started when we were founded and continued to exist. 

We’re supported by a team of design and construction professionals who share our enthusiasm for excellent design, high-quality craftsmanship and provide unrivaled assistance and support to our clients. So, if you’re searching for an expert remodeling contractor, give Tacoma a call today!


Are you up for a complete makeover? If you enjoy your place and community but need a house that reflects and works better for you, whole-house renovations, kitchen and bath remodeling, and home addition Tacoma might be the best option. 

Tacoma Kitchen remodel near me helps you to personalize every part of your home to make it just as you desire 

Our Tacoma team has the knowledge and skills to help you navigate the complexities of remodeling your whole house. You can depend on our Tacoma contractors to bring you on the right track with a well-defined method to render the service as smooth as possible. 

A successful design/build project starts with well-established goals and procedures to ensure that everybody involved is on the same wavelength. This prevents any unpleasant situations or regrets on how they should have been handled better. Since no two remodeling projects are the same, it’s important to pursue a step-by-step procedure. 

From the initial consultation to the completion of the renovation, the Kitchen Remodel Tacoma procedure is well-defined. Our remodeling experts would invest the opportunity to discuss what could happen or why we ensure that all of your concerns are addressed. And do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns.


Kitchen Remodel Tacoma is a professional kitchen remodeling company in Tacoma, Washington. We recognize that homeowners would be overwhelmed by the procedure, and our goal is to help you progress from a vague concept to a clear direction and then to completion. 

You unlock the doors to the recreation and preparation area of your dreams when you allow our team into your kitchen. We determine how you’d like to optimize the space and collaborate with you on designs, visualizations, architecture, and construction to turn your kitchen as perfect as possible with the professional remodelers in Washington, D.C., and the Tacoma region. 

The kitchen has evolved as the cornerstone of the household’s activity. It’s a gathering place for families and friends to chat and unwind. 

When you spend money on a new kitchen, you expect it to stand out. You want the space to run smoothly, with plenty of time for chatting and easy access to your most frequently used materials and equipment. Our award-winning construction team will create a warm, inviting kitchen that is functional for you and your family. 

With so many new cabinets, cabinetry, fixtures, and backsplash designs from which to choose, ensuring that your new kitchen suits your design is very important. French Country, Tropical, Rural, Mediterranean, and Modern are only a few of the kitchen options available. 

Contemporary, Traditional, and Transitional kitchens are the three most common kitchen types in the Washington, DC region. 

Working with Tacoma kitchen contractors near me would help you create the kitchen of your dreams.


In your home, the bathroom is a haven for anonymity, pampering, and relaxing. Remodeling a bathroom, whether it’s a main bathroom, hall restroom, or master bathroom adds beauty to your home while also improving your luxury. 

Make it your own by making it a reflection of your personality. 

Your updated bathroom should be functional as well as attractive. Each time you walk into the room after the bath has been remodeled, you should get the wow sensation. 

Bathroom Remodel Tacoma will create the bathroom of your fantasies; either you only need a gorgeous vanity and sink with plenty of space, or you just want more modern amenities, including spacious toilets, spa tubs, and heated floors. 

It has never been simpler to remodel a bathroom than with our bathroom contractors! Our team of imaginative professionals is ready to assist you in designing, transforming, and revitalizing your bathroom to match your unique preferences and lifestyles. We provide free assessments to go through your choices and ensure you’re selecting the best materials for your place. If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, patio, cellar, or something else, our team will help. 

Are you ready to begin your bathroom renovations project? Schedule a free bathroom consultation with a local bathroom contractor in Tacoma, Washington; we’ll meet with you to address your wants and needs right away!


Remodeling your home is a huge step, but it’s still a great experience. Home Remodel Tacoma helps you to personalize your space to suit your needs and that of your family. Perhaps you’ve given up your current place, or perhaps it’s just obsolete. Working with a skilled, highly experienced remodeling contractor, whatever the intention, will look forward to getting your thoughts and incorporating them with our designer’s skills to produce a spectacular outcome 

Our home remodeling contractor is an award-winning home design, remodel, and remodeling company that focuses on creating homes that last a lifetime. Our Tacoma team works on projects that are built around a structured plan that can be implemented in certain stages. We have extensive experience in open and functional architecture that elegantly and effortlessly meets our clients’ desires on a daily basis. 

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Do you adore your home, but it’s just too little for you? Home additions Tacoma can provide you the versatility you need even while improving the aesthetics of your home. 

If you appreciate your home and lifestyle but need more space, adding an extension or renovating your home might be the solution. A great addition would not only provide the features you need, but it will also enhance the elegance and aesthetic appeal of your house, as well as increase its property values. 

Our remodeling experts will assess your current residence, storage use, and potential desires to decide the best way to incorporate or reconfigure space in a way that is tailored to your personality. 

If they are elderly citizens, physically impaired, or suffering from an accident or disease, most individuals will need a certain kind of living assistance at some stage. Aging-in-place and open upgrades are based on basic layout remodeling principles that hold you in your home while still making it comfortable for visitors to enjoy, regardless of the physical capability.

 Adding open elements to an established room in your house, building additional space, or constructing an in-law setup are both possible outcomes. 

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The Key to a Successful Remodeling Project

Your everyday routine will be temporarily affected when your kitchen is being renovated. However, if you choose the right contractor to work with, the remodeling project will be an unforgettable period in your life. Kitchen Remodel Tacoma manages all aspects of the project, including planning, material selection, and project management, seamlessly. 

Since our team designs and constructs your remodeling project, we will provide you with unbeatable service, a kitchen you’ll enjoy for a lifetime and an exceptional environment from our initial meeting to implementing your stunning new kitchen. 

Planning a Budget for Your House Renovation 

When planning a remodeling project, among the most common issues on a homeowner’s mind is “How much does a kitchen remodel cost?” The scale of the area getting redesigned, the materials are chosen for your remodel, has played a significant role in evaluating this. 

Estimating the expense and budget for the kitchen and bath near me ahead of time is a smart way to proceed. This will assist you, and your contractor is working on the best solutions available to you. Prioritize your options, in case you need to make adjustments to keep under your goal. Our team will be very effective in giving solutions that will enable you to achieve the features and feel you want while sticking under your spending plan. 

Searching for ideas about how to improve your home and want to know how much an average kitchen remodel costs? Visit our collection to get a better idea of what’s possible, and then book an appointment with our project team to discuss it.

Ways to  Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Kitchen Remodel 

There are ways to remodel your kitchen, determined by your current budget, vision, and space. You can also visit our showroom to take a peek at our previous project. The following are some of how you can remodel your kitchen: 

  • Bump-out addition – bump-out is being allowed by the property lines; it could be the ideal way to build and design your dream kitchen. Without moving, taking spaces from one room to another, this bum-out way can widen your square footage as a whole.
  • Relocate within your home – Maybe your existing kitchen is not in the right spot, and a kitchen relocation can make you get the most of the spaces in your home. If that’s what you exactly want, relocating your kitchen is an ideal way to optimize space.
  • Expand into an adjoining room – acquire an open-floor, more spacious concept by making your current kitchen flow into an adjoining room. This can provide a lot of design options.
  • Stay within the existing footprint – your kitchen contractor will implement a kitchen redesign in your current kitchen, and it can be the most convenient option for you. You can make space beautiful while improving functionality. 

Bathroom Remodel 

Our bathroom contractors in Tacoma will always consider your desires and concerns throughout the planning process. What are your ideal concepts for your new bathroom?

  • Is your bathroom aging in place? – Open floor space, paddle handles, larger doorways, wall-mounted sinks, walk-in showers, and safety bars are common construction features for those with limited mobility, you can always have a small bathroom remodel.
  • What lighting choices are best for you? Bright light is required for shaving and applying make-up, whereas soft lighting is required for relaxing in a soaking tub. Different requirements can be met with a structured lighting design.
  • How much space do you want to use? Do you want to keep cleaning supplies, make-up, medicines, toiletries, and towels in your bathroom?
  • Is it better to get a bath or a shower? Will you forego your bathtub in favor of a bigger shower with spa-like features? Is there enough space in your bathroom for both a shower and a tub? Is a shower/tub combination the right option, or will the tub make it difficult to get around?
  • Is there enough counter space? Does the new bathroom design enable extra counter space, or would you need to consider extra space?
  • Is there a need for personal space? One or two sinks? Should you add double sinks next to each other or separately? Is it easier to have two medication cabinets than one?
  • Who would make use of it? Is this a master bath for you both, for you and your partner, or the entire household? Is this a place for visitors or children? Will it be used by someone with reduced flexibility now and in the coming years?

Can your new kitchen and bathroom, regardless of the bathroom remodel cost, meet your needs for a practical and attractive space? It certainly should! It is important to choose the best company to remodel the space in your house. Your best options for choosing a service you can trust are references, qualifications, and experience.

We encourage you to ask any questions, visit and contact our references, do an internet review, verify our licenses, and arrange a consultation with one of our kitchen remodeling contractors. You should have trust in our projects’ long-term consistency and feel secure with the working partnership we’ll establish when designing and constructing the most beautiful kitchen and bathroom in Washington.

Our Kitchen Design Process

Every kitchen remodel is indeed special, but effectively negotiating the phase from the initial concept discussion to starting construction does not succeed without a basic framework. Our in-house team of interior designers, kitchen designers, and architects has built and kept improving our process. The basic steps are listed below:

Initial Design Consultation: To get the kitchen design phase underway on the best track, this appointment at your home is essential. We will better appreciate your idea for the new space by meeting with you in the space and sharing an interactive dialogue. We need to know about your current kitchen issues as much as we need to know about how you want to design the existing space. Do you have a strong desire to be a cook? Do you have a large number of guests? On a daily basis, how do you and your family use the kitchen? We’ll bring a list of questions to help you organize your ideas; however, the conversation will be casual and relaxing.

Schematic Design: We’ll bring together some kind of overview of what your current kitchen might be by using our previous discussions and measures. There will typically be many choices, and our presentation would be customized to your design expectations. We typically use a mix of 3d renderings, 2d designs and altitudes, and a template for final concepts. 

Revisions to Schematic Design: The schematic kitchen design session will leave you with a lot to consider. Our clients often have feedback in a week, allowing us to move on to a final schematic layout. To settle at a final conceptual (or structural) proposal, we merge features of two or three solutions discussed in the first session. 

Trade Walkthrough: We’ll arrange an inspection with our trading partners once you’ve signed onto the schematic layout. We’ll consult with electricians, plumbers, engineers, and many others in your home for the better part of the day. These are the skilled workers who will be collaborating on your project, and we must interact effectively from the start. We’ll be able to establish reliable estimates based on their responses.

Selecting Finishes: We should have a clear sense of your style already, and your kitchen finishes would most definitely be designed in wide strokes. It’s time to start choosing, costing, and detailing the materials that will be included in each kitchen portion. We’ll help you refine your choices based on turnaround time and match you with every showroom you’d like to visit. Most of our customers confirm everything or some of their options in our offices, and we do our best to narrow down the options to a few suitable ones. Others will rather take the time to meet tile, counter, and hardware suppliers for whom we also have trade and have secured discounted rates. 

Construction Documents: Plans can be taken to a sufficient degree to express the design purpose to the development team until finishes are already chosen. Though some of these specifications are tiresome and practical, others are essential for the finished product’s refinement and accuracy. We’ll need your help now and then, but the work is mostly in our hands right then.

Finding The Best Remodeling Services In Tacoma

If you have experience in remodeling or otherwise, getting a renovation contractor will help you get started on your home renovation. But how do you know who to hire if you’re new to renovations? When you don’t have much experience in home renovation, how do you choose the right contractor? 

Reach out to Tacoma kitchen renovation near me for your project, no matter how big or complicated it is. As we build a beautiful and efficient atmosphere, we use our unique design method to ensure that your vision occurs. Our design team provides over a decade of expertise to projects in Washington, D.C., and the surrounding areas. 

You can take care of each company’s established specialties since these are the tasks for which they are most comfortable working. 

Contractors can find their portfolios as accessible as their qualifications. And some have them categorized by design or space form on their websites. Check to see what the tasks were done and what you liked from here and there. 

Furthermore, we suggest contacting companies whose work you admire and inquiring regarding their design method. We make our procedure available publicly for new clients to review. We also have a large portfolio to give. So, send us a call right now! 


Kitchen Remodel Tacoma will help you upgrade your kitchen, renovate your bathroom, or transform your backyard into a recreation area. As a Washington home remodeling company, we are passionate about helping our clients transform their lives into beautiful and usable spaces. We can tailor our services to meet your expectations with some remodeling. 

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